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Company Overview
Diamond Melamine Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. strongly believes that beautiful living starts at dining table and a leading tableware manufacture, we are well conscious that everything on the table is equally important, not only the food but also the art of table setting and of course the tableware.

Diamond Melamine Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. being one of the leading manufacturers of melamine tableware in Bangladesh has always been utilising the latest manufacturing technique and knowledge for innovative designs of the highest quality. We’ve been unveiling beautiful  melamine tableware since 2003. The company designs, manufactures and market under the international recognised name of Diamond Melamine Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. which is an extensive line of high quality tableware. Beyond sales in Bangladesh Diamond Melamine Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. exports its products to many countries around the  world like India, Bhutan, and Saudi Arab since 2004.

Beautiful colours, remarkable durability and shiny smooth glaze surface are spectacularly integrated in the quality control system of  Diamond Melamine Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. It can be assured that our wide range of  products and styles that are not only durable and safe, functional and beautiful for your home and business as well. Our quality table wares are manufactures with the world’s best quality raw materials from Thailand, Egypt, and Indonesia. Our goal is to generate excitement among our customers by delivering superior quality and innovative design products at affordable prices.
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